I knew the second my foot hit the pavement,

  • I knew the second my foot hit the pavement, life would never be the same. My parents divided the move into two painful days, spending the first night in some small Minnesota town.

  • Here, my parents tried to impress upon me the importance of moving forward. We had to move, they said, because we'd done everything we could to save face in our last neighborhood,

  • It wasn't my fault, my parents assured me. Our neighbors were simply too normal, too boring to appreciate our unique gifts. But we had to move. We were not wanted. I tried to

  • subdue my super powers. "Damned trees!" I screamed. "Why did you have to talk to ME?" The oak in the corner looked concerned. "I thought you liked our conversations. The one about

  • reckless sodomy and fraudulent accusations of abetting white-collar crimes. Don't you remember the trip to Tijuana?" The oak tree chuckled malevolently. "Why, I remember when

  • we were knocking back shots of Jager and Heroin like Huggies. Then Michael Scarn came and busted us all. He was so handsome." the oak tree recalled with nostalgia. "But I digress,

  • ..." The Oak Tree looked off in the distance. The Orcs of Mordor were fast approaching. "Hurmpf. So woud someone read the minutes?" Merry sighed, this might take awhile. Ents were

  • notoriously long-winded and sticklers for protocol. So he made a little joke, "Hugh and only Hugh can prevent florist friars." This bad pun got the Ents so worked up that

  • he moved on to the story that ends with "Boy foot bear with teaks of Chan". What followed resembled Indiana Jones running for the plane. Arrows whizzed past him as he ran through

  • I dont know what this mean?



  1. SlimWhitman May 01 2011 @ 12:52

    @hamnetdeui: if you don't understand a fold then don't write anything and search for another one that you like... Everyone will be happier.

  2. Chaz May 01 2011 @ 14:34

    Just step back a moment and read a few. Welcome Indonesia!

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