The fumes from the blaze billowed into the

  • The fumes from the blaze billowed into the sky, creating a terrifying pylon of smoke. A buzzard circled the flaming car, Jimbo didn't know where this crazy chain of events started.

  • So he looked toward the future instead. Such fumes cause an extreme carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere to cause the planet to have a thermo meltdown, we lived in caves to

  • avoid the Kardashians, but more importantly, the rapid global warming. Our futures hinged upon the ability to communicate with other underground clans and to mime

  • the actions of great heroes whenever we can. But what if those heroes were greatly corrupted and it all had been an illusion. That is why, in my opinion, we, as a generation have

  • to kill anyone in power. Kill them by whatever means. Using our hands. Using our teeth. Using a pencil or a pen. Using your bowels to

  • start a movement. To boldly go where no man has gone before. These are the voyages of the starship "Fertilize". It's five minute mission to emerge in a strange new world as cow pie

  • was equal parts 'smashing success' and 'living nightmare'. It was the incommodious feeling of crusty turd in your tighty whities on a galactic scale. The Space Police had no choice

  • But to allow for this phenomonon whilst installing public toilets and tweaking the noses of the Clothing police and the Odour police. This was not easy to pull off, by any means.

  • Sure, also, there were those of, let us say, the sublimer of us, who insisted on kid gloves. So we wore kid gloves and we wore kid gloves and we wore kid gloves until there were no

  • more kids with which to make kid gloves. We wore rubber gloves after that, but it wasn't the same. No more baby goats, no more goat cheese, and no more fashionable handwear.



  1. Woab Mar 22 2017 @ 14:03

    "Start a movement"! HAW!!!! Ice, you slay me.

  2. IceSquad Mar 22 2017 @ 17:11

    Wouldn't wanna do that, Woab. You add so much life to this site :) !

  3. Woab Mar 23 2017 @ 16:13

    Quite right, I wouldn't want to miss your lines, either!

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