"Chuck you, Farley!" I exclaimed, delighting

  • "Chuck you, Farley!" I exclaimed, delighting myself with one of my favorite zingers as I floored it and began to pass the semi barreling down I-5. The shocking

  • odor emanating from the bed of the truck had turned the interior of my Kia into a hot mess. I didn't have the money to fix the air conditioning, so the heat ran full blast even in

  • the crisp desert, the governor

  • of california, Ronnie R. (the original governator), decreed was a state refuge for the last of the cheetolopes.

  • there must be more ! More! " he screamed ! the desire to procreate was inevitabally not in his hands though

  • he did try to do it by his self. Truth be told. No man had ever become pregnant by having sex with with his own hand. But he remained undaunted in his determination and tried

  • all the positions of the book 'Kama Sutra for lonely men'. He was amazed at how many different ways one could have babies with himself. Until he realized something was missing,

  • he didn't have a penis. He cursed his thoughts as a child that he wanted to be a girl, and he then cursed his mother for leaving that knife on the cabinet. Dejected, he tried to

  • create a makeshift shaft out of a nearby snake, which for obvious reasons was not a great idea. Once he had sucked the poison out of his genital hump, decided to press on sexless.

  • At this point God realized this was not going to work out and He decided to start all over again. Strangely, He didn't foresee that the snake'd approach Eve and offer her the apple



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