I watch her as she draws, her eyebrows knitted

  • I watch her as she draws, her eyebrows knitted in concentration, fingers curved carefully over the pencil as if it is a valuable tool in creating a rare delicacy. In

  • fact the pencil was blunt. "Damn!" She cried. She had hoped to maintain the concentration that the sharpening process was interrupting.

  • But as she reached for the pencil sharpener, her eyes glanced over the machette on the wall - the weapon her father brought home after he retired from service in Kongo. She stood

  • up, walked over, took the machete, then started sharpening the pencil. The absurdity wasn't lost on her, but it's her way of honoring her late father: using his weapon to hone hers

  • elf for what's coming. A knock- the concierge: "Pencil inspection!" He studied the point approvingly. Then, taking in her dad's corpse, the blood & machete: "Please clean that up."

  • she said. "Sorry,I don't clean up homicide scenes." There's a generous tip in it for you" she said, removing a Faber-Castell Graf from her purse. "Freshly sharpened." The Concierge

  • waved the expensive pen before the maid's eyes, and the shiny thing hypnotized the poor girl. She walked down the bloody hotel hallway and began to scrub the gore off the walls.

  • But that only made it worse. As the hypnotized reptilian maid washed away the blood and ordure, a terrifying message remained stained upon the hotel walls: "If the nineth lion ate

  • the invisible lion & bear tattoo bears the wedgie, a score and four have ye left to live." The hypnotized reptilian maid was illiterate. The eldritch message wasn't for it. Ice was

  • available, a large chunk on the table. It twisted and turned, steaming, as if by an invisible heat, to reveal a torso, a figure, a profile. Everyone gasped. The murderer was..!



  1. LordVacuity Aug 07 2020 @ 23:39

    And here we were, all hoping the murderer wasn't … .

  2. IceSquad Aug 08 2020 @ 13:19

    This is a classic whodidn't it

  3. Zetawilk Aug 08 2020 @ 18:50

    I think the Hitler did it.

  4. Woab Aug 09 2020 @ 17:04

    He, and the butler, get blamed for everything.

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