Fold 1.

  • 2
  • Take the lower left hand corner and bring it to your knee. Once you have made the crease, shout, "Heil sensai!" and drop the beat. Fold 2 is easy. You can do that one. Fold 3:

  • does itself if you let it. Fold 4: Involves imaginary numbers and must never be attempted on Samhain because of the risk of it being interpreted as a conjuring of an angry Liberace

  • . Fold 5: Under no circumstances is anyone to write Fold 5 who is not all ready a scary clown. (Yes, living in the Creepy Tent qualifies as above.) Fold 6: Anyone mentioning cats

  • , epipen tattoos or fold number 3 gets an all-you-can-eat orthodontics appointment. Fold √2: if you're reading this fold you've entered the irrational zone. Power up to Fold

  • 4, because everyone knows 4 is 2 squared. But Fold 0? Does it exist? Folders has dedicated their entire careers to this mathematical, scientific, psychological mystery phenomenon

  • And even taught courses about it at the Mountain College in Lakeland,.where Professor Astralagus taught. His book on folding stories spanned 400 pages and was published in

  • Esperanto. The movie rights were bought by Rosie O'Donnell. They had cast Professor Loomis as himself and had added a FoldingStory where Loomis used Drumpf's small fingers to plug

  • Donald Trump's nostrils every time he tried to talk. This resulted in a lot of gasping and herniated wheezing accompanied by a lot of histrionic flailing of the arms, but all in al

  • all, He knew that his presidency was a joke, and his countless scandals, pending impeachment, and publicly anticipated indictment had exposed hom. The game was over. The jig was up



  1. Woab Aug 16 2018 @ 15:43

    How can the jig be up? I just got on my dancing shoes!

  2. SlimWhitman Aug 27 2018 @ 16:33

    The jig isn't up since the last folder didn't end their fold with a period and anyway just look at their monicker!

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