Long shoots of grass grew up between the

  • Long shoots of grass grew up between the slats of the benches scattered here and there along the crooked paths.I and my friend were playing catching,suddenly,my friend fell in to a
  • drain and he shouted for help.
  • His cries for assistance reverberated up the pipes, Ms. Hamilton was doing her nightly constitutional when a strange vibration
  • Shook her very foundations of her brick house. "Gosh!" She said startled, "did I leave the lawn mower on?" There was such a visible movement that
  • she was certain the china was completely destroyed. She ran to the window to see what happened. A huge parade of rhinos and elephants were running in the street. "Jumanji! We
  • have another catastrophe on our hands. Code 503! Get in your usual hiding spot people!
  • Detective McGuire stood guard as Time The Avenger banged on the door. He bellowed, "You had better let me in or else!" The door had just been replaced with thick steel and triple
  • super dooper dog dare brand reinforced concrete insulation. That door was substantial. Time The Avenger knocked it aside as if it was a tissue that he was removing from his shoe.
  • Out from the gaping maw of the doorway came the most unbearable stench in the world. It was more than TimeThe Avenger could stand. He gasped and staggered backwards as the stench
  • overwhelmed him, eeking into every pore & bodily crevice,saturating his brain & all of his senses. Time stood still while The Stench transformed him. He emerged, Odoriferous.


  1. Woab Jan 22 2018 @ 11:33

    Terrific end, Purp!

  2. PurpleProf Jan 23 2018 @ 15:39

    Thank you, Wo!

  3. Woab Jan 23 2018 @ 15:41

    Wo is me!

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