What is that smell?

  • What is that smell?

  • It smells like fresh mown grass, and a summer storm, like roasted chestnuts, and burning leaves, like mulled wine and a smoking candle wick, like

  • something I would have purchased from Yankee Candle. I love the smell of nature type things and I really enjoy them when I am

  • having some green tea with Mary Jane. Afterwards, my friend Herb and I blew out the candles and hit the dusty old trail. On the road again!

  • Herb insisted on riding Mary Jane's donkey, but she didn't seem to mind, waving us off from the porch. The dusty trail was hard to see in the dark and I found myself wishing for a

  • light in the darkness. The clouds parted to reveal a shining globe in the night sky. Mary Jane's burro brayed loudly, suddenly cutting through the silence and startling Herb.

  • MaryJane dismounted and kneeled next to a small body of water, reflecting silver in the moonlight. Squinting, Herb lit his pipe and waited. "What is it, poes?", she asked, without

  • clearing the saliva bubble in her throat so her words sounded weird and amphibious. Herb kept on tugging on the pipe, looking for some smoke. MaryJane thought maybe he hadn't

  • morphed lips yet. He's still trying to get those particular human features. Cats and dogs have lips but they can't suck on straws, or cigarettes... or pipes. Cats and dogs are

  • Nicer than many humans nowadays, sad to say. Humans are being wussified and it is a painful sight to see. I remember a better era before the computer became so ubiquitous.



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