Kane stared into the inter dimensional portal,

  • Kane stared into the inter dimensional portal, into the abyss, her demise. “Walk forward, ma’am.” She was told. She didn’t want to die, to freeze or suffocate in space...

  • but she also wasn't a coward. So Kane stepped into the portal, but not before pushing her captor in first.

  • The captor was an old hand at this. So he knew what to do when Kane pushed him through the portal. He flicked the transmitting end of a tractor beam and dragged Kane in behind him.

  • "You bastard!" Kane bellowed. His eyes widened with fear, expanding like the captor had never seen before, then burst in a shower of blood and eye goo. Not everyone was suited to

  • --Dealing with eye goo, but the captor was prepared. He called in the stand in janitor, Sergei, to clean up the mess. He examined the now lifeless face of Kane. "Interesting."

  • In a moment, the captor was on the floor with Sergei's knee on his neck, and his face next to Kane's. "Have a good look at what you've done," said Sergei. "Is there something wrong

  • with what you see?" Sergei pushed harder on his neck. "What could possibly be wrong with this picture?" Kane lay on the floor unmoving. Sergei was seeing red and knew it wouldn't

  • go with his shoes. But beige was so tired. By this time Kane had passed out on the floor, and Sergei had to conduct the entire fashion show himself, which served him right for

  • what he had done. Beige just slept through the rest of the night

  • , and the absence of color filled his dreams. Like black hailstones pelting the ground, crows in which rigor mortis had set in a matter of seconds, his thought vanished one by one.



  1. SlimWhitman Dec 07 2018 @ 04:03

    Woah, heavy ending smalldots . . . !

  2. BlastedHeath Dec 08 2018 @ 16:46

    I like it!

  3. LordVacuity Dec 08 2018 @ 17:41

    Little appreciated side effect of using portals is the gender flexibility it gives one. Kane went in a woman and emerged a man, with Marty Feldman Eyes, at least until that eye goo mishap. I hate when that happens.

  4. Kyerra Dec 12 2018 @ 12:08

    Also, came back to life!

  5. smalldots Dec 13 2018 @ 21:21

    Thanks Slim! I missed you guys.

  6. BlastedHeath Dec 16 2018 @ 16:27

    Missed you, too!

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