His spirit languished at a roadside bar,

  • His spirit languished at a roadside bar, Karma the dregs in some unfinished bowl of chili there. The stools reminded him of the climb his life had been. Having been a door to door

  • door salesman he never had much luck trying to sell doors to people who obviously already had them. The logic was lost on him, but he sold enough to pay half the rent on a

  • n IPAD that he shared with a depressed Yoga instructor. The only problem was

  • the Yoga instructor name Venkataratnam Narasimha Rattaiah liked to lie on a bed of nails while reading news on the CNN app and read a story about a

  • certain David Blaine encased his head in a block of ice for a week. Rattaiah, cursed, "That was my idea!" So began the start of the deuling fakirs. Rope tricks not withstanding, he

  • struggled to perfect his disappearing ball illusion. Rattalah knew that David Blains's frozen head trick would never be able to compete on the world stage with his missing

  • torso-hands-feet-and-head trick. It was truly a sight to behold, even though there wasn't much left of him to see. It was like Rattalah could become the anti-Rayman. No magic trick

  • performed by his rival "Xeno the Magnificent" could compare. Sure, being able to ride a bike with no handlebars was impressive, but the ability to

  • pull off five red rockets in perfect unison was nothing to sneeze at. Especially since the magic trick had a kind of antihistamine power to it. He'd feel safer against his rival if

  • the he just stopped sneezing! He was nervous of course, because he didn't have a prescription for the red rockets and didn't even know if they were contraindicated! Gesundheit!



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