Damn microwave. The TV dinner was burnt

  • Damn microwave. The TV dinner was burnt on the outside, and the meat-loaf was a meat-sickle. The corn shriveled and freezer burnt, the potato cold sawdust. Was that a brownie?

  • Since that bump during the move, it didn't heat evenly. Maybe it needed some retuning. He opened up the microwave and found a box labeled "Danger high voltage. Do not open!" so he

  • asked his best friend to open it. His friend unscrewed the high voltage plate to reveal a wooly lump inside the microwave. "Jesus, what the hell is that?" He hit the wooly lump

  • After hitting the wooly lump, the lump is dropped on the floor. He tried to take a close look at this but, he didn't know what it is! It is alien beings, hybrid!! Arg !!!

  • he realized it was all dream and he wake up sweating and creaming

  • some mushroom soup in his kitchen. Then a dog barked and he work up again only to realize that he'd only dreamed that he'd woken up before. A flashback to

  • a nature show suggested that his Death Cap soup would be the end of him. Or had he dreamt that too? His dog activated the master's "Bark On! Bark Off!" sleep implant again, causing

  • his sleep pattern to reverse. By day he dreamed of oversized toadstools leering down at him with menace. By night he paced the walkways over the sky city, muttering poems to paving

  • trucks. This must be hell...was his last thought before he fell into the path of one of the paving trucks and became part of the asphalt. No one noticed until the next morning when

  • the truck drivers did a lazy job of paving over him. If they'd only run the street a couple more times, they never would have distinguished the tar-burnt human-shaped lump.



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