"Not another one!" she screamed. "It's me

  • "Not another one!" she screamed. "It's me baby. Don't you remember? We really had

  • a great time at the Orgy, but you just couldn't keep away from those damn twinkies. You know whenever you have a Twinkie you can't control yourself and

  • since you have that creamy treat on one hand,why not to take another one in the other?

  • said the "Ice Cream Man." The girl's mother saw the sticky white juice of the cream-sicle dripping down her blouse. The little girl said, "another one?" The mother could see

  • the man in the motorized wheelchair had ran straight off into the deep, cold lake water. Now what? Should I help him? But he was so mean to me earlier. The world would

  • be better off without him. At the same time, he is rather close to shore, if I right his wheelchair I can probably save his life. Do you think they will give me the key to the

  • supply cabinet?" she asked, breathing hard as she pulled the keys from the dead bellhop's pocket. He'd been snooty,so she wasn't sad to see him die. Vest in hand, she saved Hawking

  • from yet another pickle. She never minded though, Stephen was an attractive man, and the way he did string theory made it all worth it to her. "Where are we going now?" he asked,

  • she just looked straight ahead... the road was winding and unsure, but at least now she knew that whatever lay ahead, she would have someone like him to

  • satisfy her unusual cravings for butterscotch. At last, she was free. With him, they would rule the universe, and no one would be able to stop them.



  1. Bad. Apr 22 2011 @ 01:12

    Any apocalypse that involved butterscotch would be acceptable in my book.

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