"A dog is a man's best friend!" I protested.

  • "A dog is a man's best friend!" I protested. But the giant man-eating dog of hell was undetterred. It barred his teeth and

  • set about its fiendish didactics. "A dog, you say," Cerberus now growling out of the other two heads. "Such a generality is fallacious at most, facetious at best. How can you be

  • man's best friend and his worst enemy at the same time?" Cerberus grinned unnervingly as he growled, and even Cujo was beginning to lower his ears. "What has man ever done for us?"

  • From the back row, Lassie barked. "Yeah!" said Cujo. "Why doesn't Timmy climb out of the well himself!" By now, the whole crowd was yelping. The canine revolution had begun.

  • It was then that the crowd went silent as a sound pierced the air like a bullet behind them... “Meow.”... It was Timmy the cat.

  • It's kind of how you feel on one of those long, warm summer nights--the sweat pouring off you like steam off a vape pen and there, purring at yer feet, rubbing across you thighs

  • is yourself, because you're lonely and no one ever wants to touch you. Its like that kid. "Gee, that sounds depressing" the person reading this said to themselves then they decided

  • to add a line to the fold to see what the hubbub was all about. "Ah, I see" they mumbled with a tinge of regret. The person writing the fold was disappointed by how accurate their

  • regret was, so a good Samaritan was summoned by folding another line. Merciful, he promptly injected epoxy into their tear ducts to stop the liquid disappointment from ruining

  • nine attempts at immortality. Every line carefully composed by someone equal...or superior...or inferior in storytelling intellect...the finished paragraph as proof of their genius



  1. Wurm Dec 15 2018 @ 08:49

    This one actually makes a lot of sense. It reads best as a full paragraph.

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