"I never told you this would be easy." The

  • "I never told you this would be easy." The words were icy against my ears. Of course I knew it wouldn't be easy. The gun shook between my trembling hands, my finger wavering over

  • the trigger. I couldn't do it. "I refuse. I can't, I won't kill anyone. It's..." I let the words fade off, unable to articulate myself. Was I a coward? I certainly felt afraid.

  • I removed the blaster pistol from the occipital bone of the extraterrestrial's skull. Then, situating the weapon back in the waistband gun holster I wore at my hip, I handcuffed th

  • eodore-that's what I called my extraterrestrial-to a chair. Huge tears rolled down his excuse-for-cheeks:"Theodore go home!" "Your home's ash by now. You'll make me lots of money.

  • But my Teddy Bear who was actually a quadrapedal cellulose-mattered extraterrestrial with serious tear duct issues, and a home planet turned to carbon cinder, kept up his sob story

  • until I finally gave in. "Okay," I said to him, "you can get into my bed with me, but keep your plush little paws to yourself." He gratefully climbed in and began to drop little

  • plush turds. I shrieked in horror, but he looked so sad, plush and cuddly I couldn't be angry. "Sweep those things off the bed and go to sleep." "I never sleep," he whispered.

  • He should have counted them, she said. Det. Manatee and the sea monkeys noticed everything. The room was inspected by the city and the room was cleaned.

  • Not a single speck of chocolate dust was out of place. and thus there could only be one option, the culprit was none than

  • , the notorious Vietnemese chocolate grinder! Riddled with OCD, None Than could spend DAYS rearranging his own residue to look neat. In his words: next to me, Monica Geller's a pig



  1. IrisKelley Dec 29 2017 @ 08:54

    that was smooth fixing my mistake XD

  2. SlimWhitman Dec 29 2017 @ 09:04

    Yeah, nice save always_write. Actually mistakes are one of the inspirations for writing the next fold, so not to worry IrisKelley. If you try to develop the story as most folders do, things have a way of working themselves out!

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