"Thee-ate-er." That's how Billy Joe Greenbob

  • "Thee-ate-er." That's how Billy Joe Greenbob said it when I took him to a Broadway show in NYC. Country boy in the big city. I think that's the day I fell in love with him.

  • Maybe it was his childlike delight as he constantly nudged me, whispering, "them folks is dressed up like cats!" I felt Billy Joe might accept me & come to love me, the way I am,

  • The only thing Billy Joe loved though was himself. He didn't love me, but I would make him love me. I would start by collecting his

  • hair and making a statue of him out of mashed taters, I could slowly add his hair to it, make it look real. Yes, Billy Joe would love me then, when I kidnapped him and he saw how

  • I put my artistic prowess, mashed potatoes, and hair snipping skills to good use. We would have a fancy wedding, a binding prenup, and we would have 5.3 beautiful children. Then wh

  • -at do you think happened? We wound up having .7 more children than we had planned. Well, that ruined everything. "Take your spud hairdo and hit the road! I want a divorce," I told

  • my husband de jure. In divorce cases, telling your husband de jure is the same as telling your real husband. I had the all precedents on my side. My real husband interrupted my sex

  • with my lover du jour and my husband de jure and we all agreed that was appropriate and pretty cool of him. For a moment it seemed a foursome was in the wind, but my real husband

  • stormed in and demanded a divorce. She and her friends were not reacting to this well. I looked at my husband du jour to deal with my real husband. Meanwhile, my lover du jour and

  • my real husband's co-ed de jour were getting knowledgeable of each other's anatomy. That was too much to take on top of the divorce talk. I shot them all with my Glock ten & lived.



  1. LordVacuity Feb 20 2024 @ 22:17

    I didn't know I was covering old ground.

  2. PurpleProf Feb 21 2024 @ 02:14

    Billy Jo Greenbob became Method actors, drawing from his angst. He won a Tony the following year.

  3. somesuch Mar 30 2024 @ 23:09

    Oh no! I pulled a Michael Scott in any improv. I pulled a gun.

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