Day by Day, Night by Night, they told me

  • Day by Day, Night by Night, they told me to choose I chose to fight, where has it gone what i hold so dear?
  • It was scared and had taken prozac just two minutes ago.
  • But lo! The Prozac turned out to be an extract from a legendary, sacred & magical banana and turned our protagonist into an orangutan.
  • But an orangutan with a vague memory of having been human and how much worse that was. At first he tried to live among other orangutans but he kept misinterpreting what the others
  • were doing, a terrible leftover from his human days. Unable to exist in either world, the orangutan went deep into the forest, resigned to live alone. His tree-house was built with
  • bamboo, held together with mud and tears. He'd made a fire ring outside the tree-house and erected several intruder warning devices, designed to let the orangutan know if
  • he'd won the lottery. I mean, if you win the lottery, you've gotta protect your winnings, amirite? The orangutan accidentally set himself on fire and jumped in the moat, hoping to
  • put the fire out. But the moat was only two feet deep and he just ended up covered in dirt and wet leaves, looking miserable. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat there
  • and let him rescue me. My soon-to-be prince waded through the boggy water and tentatively lifted me from my bed of spikes; I tried my best not to hold my nose. Our sorry scene was
  • being filmed and eventually became part of the opening montage for ABC’s Wide World of Sports. We replaced that ski-jumper who crashed and proudly became the new “agony of defeat."


  1. St.Molecule Nov 26 2022 @ 03:55

    Nice finish TarotGuy.

  2. TarotGuy Nov 26 2022 @ 14:01

    Thank you, St.Molecule. I looked at that ninth fold for a couple of weeks, coming up with nothing, and then that ending just popped into my head.

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