I'm not convinced that's really a star. She

  • I'm not convinced that's really a star. She whispered her thoughts to me on the hillside, and then we watched it sail across the horizon. It's not, I told her, it's

  • clearly an alien spaceship. You can tell by the way that it halted as it was crossing the sky, then sped off in a 45 degree angle. Also, it's getting larger as it gets closer to us

  • I said. "I have something else that's getting larger", he replied, trying to derail my enthusiasm. His hand crept up my leg and I smiled, but not at him. The alien craft landed on

  • his Range Rover crumpling it like paper. He shrieked. He ran outside and the landing gear flung out. It bashed his head like a rotten pumpkin. I gave the thumbs up to the blue

  • rinse womens bridge club & man, they could move! Who knew that knitting needles could be such a potent weapon. He shrieked again & ran for the

  • window but the old ladies blocked him and took another knit and pearl in his ears. Damn that hurt, how the hell were they able to knit his ears. Retirement centers! I'll never rob

  • them again! But it was too late, the spinsters spun him into a cabled variegated knit cocoon made of home-combed natural alpaca. A bit of an overkill, but the crook was festooned

  • with macrame jailbirds & waiting when the police arrived. The Spinsters put fear into the heart of the criminals of the city. Their spinning bobbins & creaking wheels

  • were inferior in dread-producing capacity only to the vicious gangs of "Keep Left" signs. The Arsenic and Old Lace gang slit the local authorities up a treat, then the CIA showed

  • that even with their infinite contacts and resources, they still couldn't control the outrageous amount of violence in their own country.



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