Dr. Harry Haller found there were many benefits

  • Dr. Harry Haller found there were many benefits by being a lycanthropist in the year 2016 and started to list them while having beer and bratwurst. George the red wolf, his buddy.

  • His only friend ... Loneliness and weariness had been his companions since the day when

  • the mists of time clouded his vision. Weariness was a fornication buddy and Loneliness was a mere butler. A mere

  • pawn. But remember a pawn can do wonders if it has access to the KINGS

  • LAYER. Speaking of layers, there's a company party this Friday & Cake is performing. The real royal icing on the cake though is that if I miss out on a piece of cake this time, you

  • r cake.This company party would be no cake walk but I rose to the occasion.I jumped out of a giant Trump Tower rum cake, totally pastried & caked with frosting. "Oh Donnie, I vanna

  • meet an orangutan. My heart longs for it, it always has. Let us leave this cake party and set sail for Sumatra with all haste.”

  • "That sounds wonderful but we can't. Technically my boat is in COVID quarantine. I'm not really supposed to be off the boat. It's a shake down ploy to get more bribes. Orangutans &

  • oranges are sitting in crates in dangerous proximity. The orangutans are hungry and the oranges have ripened, but still my boat is quarantined. I have begged the port authorities

  • to stock more port, because orangutnangthts drink lots of port wine, and oraagasuntings prefer a fruity bouquet because orgrurgurtantangs are into that sort of thing. Oragnuutuagag



  1. Zetawilk Dec 23 2021 @ 13:23

    Orgnangnutangurang. Fun fact: Will the site end on February 26, 2022 because the administrator has unfortunately passed due to the COVID crisis? I sincerely hope they're okay, but I haven't found any evidence they've been heard from since. My thoughts and prayers go with them.

  2. Woab Dec 24 2021 @ 12:15

    It would break my heart to see this site go away. I know it hasn't been tended by the Admin for Quite Some Time. For a little while, it looked like they were starting a fresher version of this, but I haven't heard anything more about that. All I can think of is that maybe we can communicate through the Folding Story Facebook page if everything goes down in the new year. I would miss folding with my fellow folders!

  3. Zetawilk Dec 24 2021 @ 15:14

    I do not have Facebook, though I did notice their Tumblr has been silent for a while now. I'm worried too--sites like these, which exemplify innovation and encourage creativity are few and far between nowadays. Gone are the glory days of the 90s.

  4. Woab Dec 26 2021 @ 11:21

    Alas, that is probably true. Some of us here have come from other Exquisite Corpse-style writing sites that also have disappeared. We used to have a Yahoo Group called Exquisite Corpse Refugees, but Yahoo got rid of free groups. We may have to figure out something else, if we want to stay in touch. Any ideas?

  5. Perronicus Dec 27 2021 @ 12:33

    Ah no is if definitely ending? That's really sad, and there are no other sites like this - I don't know why, it's such a good idea

  6. dookierouser Dec 27 2021 @ 13:26

    spammers put an end to most sites like these.

  7. Woab Dec 27 2021 @ 14:49

    Has anyone tried storium? https://storium.com/sign_up

  8. Woab Dec 27 2021 @ 14:56

    What is Discord like, Zeta? Worth trying?

  9. Zetawilk Dec 27 2021 @ 15:09

    Discord is a bit overwhelming at first. Mostly you just text chat, but most servers have optional voice chat rooms. So, on Discord, you have servers, which people create, and these contain different rooms which people actually chat in. These rooms are usually separated by topics, and there's almost always a general chat room. Basically you just hang out in there, receive alerts (you can change these) when there's activity, and wait for people to file in on your invitation links.

  10. Zetawilk Dec 27 2021 @ 15:11

    Messages persist in Discord chat rooms as well, so you shouldn't need to worry that someone's there necessarily. You're able to tag people using the @ symbol followed by their screen name. Even if you're not around, you can still receive messages, which personally I find very convenient with its ease of access. You can also direct message people on Discord so long as either you have them on your friends list, or you're on the same server as them and have enabled permissions to receive messages from people just because they're on the same server as you. Some servers employ bots for various functions. My favorite tend to be the dice-rolling bots.

  11. Zetawilk Dec 27 2021 @ 15:16

    Whenever you join a server, you should see the server's name in the upper left corner of the Discord window. If you click that, you should have access to various server-specific settings you may need. In the lower-left corner of the window (at least, for me), there's your screen name and ID number, and beside that are some icons. The gear icon lets you change your global settings for Discord. Also, a common practice with Discord servers is to disable permissions for new people just joining a server, which can be permissions for room access or setting emoji reactions and what have you. This is usually to act as a floodgate to strangers hopping in just to sow chaos. This is especially useful if you just leave a limitless link (any amount of people, for as long as the link exists), as anyone can just stroll by. You are able to invite people personally as well. For example, on the server I have linked in my profile, any user whatsoever can access the #boot-camp room to chat, or read the #announcements channel for rules and whatnot. Then an admin can make you a member, and you can access the other rooms. There's nothing there right now, of course, but hypothetically speaking, that's how it would work.

  12. Zetawilk Dec 27 2021 @ 15:23

    Also, thanks for the Storium link, Woab. This site looks...incredibly interesting. I'm only in the tutorial thus far.

  13. Woab Dec 28 2021 @ 10:21

    Wow, thank you for all the information, Zeta. Discord sounds complicated! If you're going for Storium, I'll likely go, too.

  14. noah Sep 29 2022 @ 12:47

    Thoughts and prayers received. All is well at the FoldingStory world headquarters, although clearly the hamsters keeping the SSL certificate wheel turning never returned from their vacation. At long last a new foundation for FoldingStory is laid. Didn’t get all the features I wanted ready, but hopefully in time. FoldingStory is dead. Long live FoldingStory!

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