Don't add to this folding story!

  • Don't add to this folding story!

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  • This folding story was meant to be written in Gibberish. I only know English, so it has to be in English. Maybe Gibberish is spoken, written and read only by corrupt politicians?

  • Consider this bizarre answer from Iuskdja Djisls, MP, to a question on financial accountability: "Bluuuh guhgehsjahs muuuuh keso laa da ter go pa pa PA PA sequoooooooo daaaaa!!"

  • Turgo Blipsis, the MP's assistant, watched his boss being carried out in restraints. Ever-cautious, Turgo had never mentioned the ghost cats that jumped on his bed or the mist that

  • twisted coils around his feet as he crept out of bed for a midnight snack. The ghostly felines pounced and purred after hovering over a bowl of milk. Turgo took charge

  • of the situation, having a priest perform an exorcism of the house. He proved useless. The ethereal kittens morphed into a specter of Catwoman & wiled the priest into lashing Turgo

  • To the weather vane to act as a conduit burnt offering. Blood given, blood owed: that was the covenant. The iron vane burned Turgo's face where it touched him. His eyes were wild.

  • But when the pain subsided, Turgo admired the mark made across his face. A scar in the shape of a running horse was on his cheek and the letter W appeared upon his forehead.

  • Double U? He wracked his brain until the pain returned furry-like. That was it! Turgo looked around the racing crowd, still dressed in his horse costume: (W)oab, to win, 1000 to 1.



  1. Woab Sep 20 2017 @ 11:22

    Ha, MadWorld! I was going for the W for West on the weathervane, but I'll take your odds any day.

  2. Woab Oct 12 2017 @ 18:07

    Hey! We're at 107 likes on this one!

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