Bearnard closed his eyes in the face of the

  • Bearnard closed his eyes in the face of the wind. The sound of water crashing around the ferry could not disturb his dream. He saw a sky, bruised with bold clouds, threatening to
  • release hectic rain and thunder if he did not do something. Something was wrong-everything in his body tingled weirdly. It was just another dream; he had them all the time.
  • Especially when he was performing surgery. He called it "Dream Surgery." It was probably due to the fact that he never slept. Energy drinks and The Old Republic had totally
  • become his reality. Whenever there was a problem it could always be fixed with a light saber, as long as one was awake. Today he was hosting a seminar on the topic "Avoiding
  • Confrontation with Your Father." He yawned. He was not getting enough sleep. He set up his light saber visual aid for the seminar & mentally rehearsed his talking points. He heard
  • a soft crackling as he realized too late his light saber set fire to the projector screen. "Damn," thought Vader. "We'll have to show the slides on Jabba the Hutt again."
  • The TED Talk crowd was patient with him. He was, after all, Darth Vader, & they wanted to hear his motivational speech. "You are," Vader breathed, "a most understanding audience."
  • One of Darth Vader's greatest worries in life was that a son of his might attend one of these twerpy TED talks, rapt with some guffy strutter, but Vader sensed his son quite elsewh
  • ere. Whoops, nope Luke was in the TED talk front ro . "So in conclusion, the Death Star required team effort and synergy. Any Questions?" Darth looked at the raised hand. "Dad?"
  • "Son, is that you? Luke!" Darth yelled. "I AM YOUR FATHER!" The audience roared as they strolled off the stage, hand in gloved hand. The farce is strong in with these two.


  1. PurpleProf Mar 14 2014 @ 19:03

    Awesome dream, Dr. Bearnard.

  2. BlastedHeath Mar 15 2014 @ 14:00

    Goodness! Nice opener followed by another good one in slot #2. Welcome to the new players!

  3. SlimWhitman Mar 26 2014 @ 18:33

    Actually the whole story flows nicely - welcome to nicole and lalalollipop! Reminds me of this story which took place in alternative Galaxy far far away... http://foldingstory.com/wnsdy/ May the Farce be with you!

  4. Zetawilk Mar 26 2014 @ 21:27

    I always forget one word I just read and accidentally break character. But then, I forget what I get up to do as I get up to do it. There's just no hope for me.

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