Maybe it was all the Zoro episodes I watched

  • Maybe it was all the Zoro episodes I watched as a kid. I dunno. But I found that leather was good. When a problem came along, I'd crack my whip and whip it good.

  • I bought a fedora at Banana Republic.. Not a hipster thing, it just seemed to accessorize the whip. My archeological thesis was due and I just felt like shopping.

  • Back from shopping, I was ready to write my archeological thesis, but needed to talk my Asian roommate into wearing the Yankees hat I bought him.

  • I felt it was my job to get him out a bit more since he spent most of his time solving math problems &practicing his piano & violin. My Asian roommate had never been to a Yankees g

  • uillotine before and they had Pedro Martinez set up as the headliner. The Talking Heads were performing and after the beheading my roommate and I would head out for a delicious hea

  • d cheese milk shake. But I never made it. The blood on my hands

  • was ewww get it off. "What's the problem, dear?" asked King Macbeth. I replied, "Bloody hands ill befits a lady of my station." I summoned the royal chef to make milkshakes, cheesy

  • Sandwiches and Bird's Pudding. Lady Macbeth was still using Shout to remove that stain on her favourite nightgown. Nefertiti was trying to help her, and they made some progress.

  • Translating the scriptures of Florence Nightingale while their undergarments dried, Nefertiti and Lady Macbeth made plans for another Queens' Night Out. Wringing your hands was so

  • Messy when they are usually covered in blood, guts, and question! Questions about questions and what they'll answer. Queens always have nights.



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