The reply (which shocked me quite a bit actually)

  • The reply (which shocked me quite a bit actually) was "OK, but only if we can stop by my brother's place first and steal a fifth of vodka." The question had been "

  • Would you let me give you a blowjob?" It was the only way to make money, since the rich still were not fulfilling their obligation wrought from their privilege. Fatasses. Shiela

  • looked up at the man in black and flashed her big blues a couple of times. Just for the sake of it Shiela jiggled her versions of Shock-n-Awe and waited for an answer. The man in

  • black brought out his guitar and sernaded Shiela. "I fell into a burning ring of fire..." "How could Johnny Cash be alive?" Shiela wondered. Just then, the UFOs appeared.

  • As they landed & expelled their human cargo it became clear that cryonics wasn't a scam after all. The aliens were in business & to show credibility,their concert with Elvis,Cash,

  • and Walt Disney (who knew he could sing?) set the stage for big business. People rushed to purchase cryogenic births, however, the Aliens did not want cash, they wanted some

  • McDonald's Happy Meals. There was a shortage on their planet, and it was the essence of life. The Aliens knew what they must do: Kidnap Ronald McDonald.

  • The aliens brought Ronald to their home planet and made him a god, but Ronald didn't know how to make Happy Meals, and they quickly realized that. So, instead he was turned into

  • A source of entertainment for the other godlings which made this place their home. Thunder beings and gaseous wisps alike took great pleasure in seeingpoor Ronald suffer in public

  • , but the exiled Balachamu returned as a 10-ton orb of intwined neck ties, belts, snakes, and electrical cords. He launched Ron home with a flick and strangled every last godling.



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