The next day though I began to feel serious

  • The next day though I began to feel serious pain. If the problems I've suffered on the flight are going to ruin the dream job I've wanted to do since I was a little girl, I will

  • be a little more selfish, it might do me some good. I'd start by maxing out my husband's credit card on umbrella stands, abstract art, and

  • poodles. Lots and lots of poodles. Investment quality poodles that can represent a tremendous ROI. But investment poodles require a humidifier and extensive hydroponics to maintain

  • and that's not even bringing up the point of what to do about all the feces, investment poodles are famous for their gargantuan piles of feces. It wasn't that long ago that the

  • Poodle puddles and piles were considered hazardous waste until wall street figured out how to get people to invest in Poodle futures. Now Poodle piles and puddles are popular picks

  • but more popular are the poodle piles that had already been urinated on by endangered orphans that are also infested with ear mites and required to take a urinalyses test for

  • consanguinity. Matching the endangered orphans to the poodles whose poodle piles they'd been urinating on was a challenge, but every match, meant one orphan less. Of course this

  • was an incredibly edited game show, but it was all worth it. The ratings were through the roof, everybody loved "Kids piss on the darnest things!"

  • The hardest part of filming the show was to get the kids to stop laughing. Finally, we concealed the camera with bushes. That helped, but now we have more footage of dogs

  • marking territory, sniffing butts and "doing the doggy". BBC was about to cancel the program until it was reported Prince Charles' Terrier watched it. "A dog's life" became a hit.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 03 2012 @ 14:47

    Maybe I should have called it "Bury the Bone".

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