So my theory, is that the builders of stonehenge

  • So my theory, is that the builders of stonehenge where the original trolls. They built it so we'd say "W.t.f. why did they build it?"
  • Same with crop circles & the Loch Ness monster...just messin' with our minds. I do think Sasquatch is for real, though. I know because I am he.
  • "Yeah no duh," Paul chimed in, "Have your viewers not seen your hands? Jeez I think they should have cast you as Megatron or something." "Paul this is the role of a lifetime
  • regardless of the hand requirements for the actor! Why won't you support me?" Paul raised an eyebrow, unmoved. He cleared his throat awkwardly. "Look, kiddo, who's the pro here?"
  • I knew what Paul meant. The Show must go on. This was where being a dancer and being a professional made the choice harder. Nobody had noticed his third hand until tonight. Maybe a
  • -n extra hand didn't really matter, or maybe it made him a better performer. "Many hands make light work", my Gram used to say. Come to think of t, she had an extra hand, too. Paul
  • never knew my Gram, and never saw her extra hand. Anyway, I digress. The performance was great, I had to hand it to him. Afterwards Paul handed over to
  • his wife the microphone. She gave a small speech, heartfelt and sad, but all a performance in the end. I am tired of the fakes, the make believers, the people who pretend to
  • be in love with me and my heartfelt voice
  • I gave her all the time in the world to reply; she took it. My feelings waned after 4 years, but I became skilled at Canasta, and made millions betting on a Mississippi riverboat.


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