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  • Any way you put it, the results are identical. Amazing how body language defies semantics. Certain notions simply transcend monism. So the Martian's "Gesundheit!" was heartfelt.

  • And indeed, my heart skipped a beat. It turned out that the Martian didn't just know just the one German phrase. "Ich liebe dich," the Martian said. I gasped in horror. It's fluent

  • in English, French, Igbo and even Cantonese! I was thoroughly impressed, I felt so taken, so enamored by the Martian's (maybe metaphorical) silver tongue, such that I decided to...

  • Take him to a restaurant around the corner from my house. The Chinese waiter stared at him and almost fled out the door. This was a test of how people would react if they saw me

  • strolling through town with no clothes on, acting like they were the strange ones. "What are you wearing?" I would ask, "do you really think that dress is appropriate?". By the tim

  • I didn't think it was. Yes, some call my God the Enchanter but I call him Tim.

  • Tim is a powerful god. He was born from Jim, the god of Strawberry Jam. Tim has protected me since I was a teeny tiny little babe. He has saved my life multiple times, like when

  • Jim tried to drown me in Strawberry Jam for eating all the Blueberry Jam. Tim punched his lights out, but it didn't actually do anything since, ya know, Jim's made of Jam. So Tim

  • tried to drown Jim again, but failed of course so he stormed away from Jim. Jim of course followed him, nagging at him to be nicer.



  1. SlimWhitman Aug 15 2017 @ 04:22

    My fold, is iindeed the word for a bodily function in different languages and since martians speak with their actinopharynx, the martian was as accurate as can be expected in his response.

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