...and that's a wrap!" The director lit his

  • ...and that's a wrap!" The director lit his stogie. Another one for Red Box. He was the maverick who made all the cheap knock-offs. He just finished "Hungry Games" and now he

  • stubbed his stogie out on a PA's neck. "Now I want to make Wraith of the Titans!" The director's line producer rolled his eyes and said, "What about My Big Fat Albanian Pie?"

  • Ofcourse Spielberg took the suggestion at face value. "You mean a cross between My Big Fat Greek Wedding and American Pie set in Sophia?" To make a fool of him, the line producer

  • Proposed a revision of the script to allow for this hybrid of fantasy and reality. Three people read it to provide second opinions.

  • It's terrible. Was the disgruntled response made by the first man, and then the second man. When it got to the third, his eyes lit up mischievously. It's purrrfect.... He drawled

  • "What are you talking about?! This will get the job done just fine." The third man replied. As the man took the items up to the checkouts, he saw HER.

  • "We have to leave right now, immediately." The third man declared. "But... what about our stuff?" The first man wondered. Then he spotted the woman. "Do you know her?"

  • "No, but she's the first woman we have seen and she seems to know the second man," said the third man to the first man. The second man lay dying on the road. The first woman

  • picked up her phone to dial the second woman, but the second man had already bled out. The first man threw a suspicious glance towards the third man- something seemed off about

  • him, something he couldn't quite put his finger on. In the end, it didn't matter. The third "man" unzipped his body costume & the alien monster stepped out. The phone went dead.



  1. SlimWhitman Jun 12 2016 @ 00:01

    Wow, we ended up writing the screenplay to the greatest movie of the 50's. Who would have thought?

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