Hey diddle diddle. He's cracked in the middle.Tong

  • Hey diddle diddle. He's cracked in the middle.Tong Gao is stumped ornery and blue.

  • His boss played the fiddle and told a good riddle, and to Tong this one seemed new. For the answer he whittled, long hours he piddled, clutching his Coach bag and shoes.

  • Tong tottered on high heels, accompanied by peels, of laughter from his heartless boss. But under his frock, he furtively cocked, the trigger of his Colt 45

  • was interesting. He'd put a trigger on his giant beer. Tong pulled the trigger and the beer popped open. He said, "Lock and Load." And guzzled his Colt 45. His brazen ghettoness

  • Was outed some three years later. He was an official provider of "fake news", which made his Youtube channel even more popular. He had 200,000 plus subscribers. Quite a feat!

  • when you consider he was a mute. He reported his fake youtube news using only hand gestures and body language. the interpretive dance that informed everyone of the monster invasion

  • was postponed due to rain predicted that Saturday. Godzilla and Lobsterman caught up on sleep while they revamped their invasion attempts.

  • Godzilla woke up first, rolled Lobsterman over in bed and suggested, in a sleepy yet tender voice, that they approach Tokyo from the east this time. All the weapons would be

  • busy fighting in the war anyway. Lobsterman grunted and Godzilla cuddled closer to him. He loved the way he smelled, the look in his beady eyes and his springy handsome antennae.

  • Suddenly a large vat of drawn butter exploded in the cooking tent beside them. Lobsterman, shell shocked and thinking he was back in the Kramer War, decapitated Godzilla.



  1. Flopp Dec 27 2016 @ 09:06

    Aww, I wanted to see more of the cute couple. Nice ending though!

  2. Dhanithecat Dec 27 2016 @ 09:21

    Now you will, since I began a sequel...!

  3. SlimWhitman Dec 29 2016 @ 06:54

    Could the riddle's answer be that Tong Gao is actually the blue Lobsterman?

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