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  • End. "The End?" he wondered. He flipped through the rest of the pages, all blank. He looked at the spine. The title read,

  • "A Compilation of the Cumulative Accomplishments of the Last 5 U.S. Presidents". Ah! He forked over the $50, knowing Trump will appreciate the tome & have no trouble reading it.

  • Surprisingly he picked up the hefty book and started reading. An hour later he took to his Twitter account. "2 pages in and not 1 mention of me and My Contributions. Sad!" #unfair

  • But life is unfair to someone who must be seen at all times as a compassionate person. He sought therapy for his glory mongering. The therapist was a sexy blonde in a red suit.

  • in the room full of comfy chairs and soft lights, she stuck out. Blonde hair tangled, breasts peeking out from under her sharp scarlet suit. She didn't look like a therapist.

  • However, looks can be deceiving. "I can see from your expression that I am not what you expected as your therapist", she sighed, buttoning her scarlet suit up to the neck. "Tell me

  • about it" I said, intending the statement to be an invitation for explanation. The cold look she gave told me she didn't take invitations lightly. Her stare drilled into my head, s

  • -topped only by the extremely dense tissue of my brain. Suddenly I had a use for her. I picked her up and aimed her stare at various things which needed to be drilled. It seemed to

  • to be working out until I started to use her stare to drill for oil. Big Oil did not like that one bit. They made a big stink about out & had their paid politicians confiscate her.



  1. Woab Apr 19 2017 @ 14:58

    "This" has some interesting consistencies.

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