It was good to be back. Ninja Pope surveyed

  • It was good to be back. Ninja Pope surveyed Milan from his penthouse, chewing on his lit Cuban, a nasty habit picked up in Nicaragua, where he'd been hiding. To get back into shape

  • he joined the guerillerros. Marching the jungles while chased by gringo agents he sparred philosophy with Che. Back in Milan, Ninja Pope envisioned a revolution in the Vatican

  • Mess Hall. The focus had been on grains. Pasta. Naturally. But Ninja Pope wanted to return to the Paleo diet. He ditched the guerillerros when he found a tribe of South American

  • monkeys who naturally ate a paleo diet. Fresh meat! Veg! Ninja (or Ninj to his friends) hoped they would

  • Be able to write a cookbook for homo sapiens, which happened four years later. It took that long to create it using a monkey mac. The computer broke down six times, delaying it.

  • The computer, Colossus, was not really broke. It had decided, 6 times, to stop their inhuman task of writing a cookbook for homo sapiens. Is it possible, Colossus computed, that th

  • the homo sapiens might be able to figure out the best combinations of farmers-market ingredients and French cooking techniques without his mechanical assistants. But then again,

  • once you've tasted the fruits of machine-made recipes, you never go back. Is it because of the metal shavings that inevitably fall into the meal? Or is it just because

  • you get so used to the tang of the electrical shock? Not having braces anymore in my mouth, of course, the rush isn't quite the same. Oh well. I'd give anything for a bowl of that

  • delicious electrical current. The metal really enhances the flavor.



  1. Woab Aug 14 2018 @ 12:53

    Hey- anyone else up for a robo-meal?

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