I hate it when I didn't realize the story

  • I hate it when I didn't realize the story I added something awesome to was about something perverse and I didn't even know it!
  • But when you think about it perverse is better than perverted; or is it? A feather can be a pleasure but the whole chicken in perverted.
  • Exactly, the same can be said for a beehive. ER, um...nevermind. So, I'm sitting at a red-light, in my ElCamino with my 8 track blaring something from Barry Manilo's Hits when
  • I start reconsidering the beehive ER. Are there such things as bug doctors that help put little casts on broken legs and wings of the drones? But, then mid thought my ElCamino
  • came back into style in sort of the lower middle class suburban thing. Unfortunately I was in Beverly Hills. Just as the insect stuff was making sense, the home owner told me to
  • call an exterminator. But I didn't want to. I had by now built real relationships with my cockroaches, termites, & fire ants. They were always there for me, my Beverly Hills Bugs.
  • My little friends never let me down. The bed bugs, the lice, the spiders too. Make room for more! Birds and other predators were so pesky. Beverly Hills Bugs will own this plac
  • e. In less than a fortnight, they were all moved in. First came the worms - not quite arthropods, but they were slower so they got first pick. Then came the insects without wings
  • . Next, horseshoe crabs. Yes, OK, they are arthropods but wouldn't it have been better if they'd stuck with the crustaceans because they blundered into the spiders' webs. Oh no....
  • I left the milk out! James was going to be furious! I grabbed my handbag and rushed out the door of the theater. Wait...was I in the middle of something? No matter...


  1. PurpleProf Sep 01 2013 @ 12:19

    Interestingly, there is nary a perverse fold in this entire story...

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