Gene Rayburn read the card with his perfect

  • Gene Rayburn read the card with his perfect diction, "The skydiver was in a panic. When he pulled his ripcord, instead of a parachute, out came a BLANK"

  • But then he realized he hadn't jumped out of the plane yet. The skydiver laughed in relief. Then Gene Rayburn slapped him on the back and parachuteless skydiver stumbled forward

  • and really jumped off this time. It took a moment for Gene Rayburn to realize what had happened; by that time the poor man had fallen a few hundred feet down through the air below.

  • Where he fell, nobody knew. In 2016, it was reported he fell to earth. The Jeopardy games went on all night. There was a dead heat between two contestants.

  • Ed Stokes,mechanic from Dayton with photographic memory & Misha Chowdurry, insomniac Walmarts Salesclerk of Santa Monica battled for Jeopardy supremacy as the man who fell to Earth

  • breezed right through the Music and Astronomy catagories. He gazed at Alex Trebek with his laser beam lenses after happening upon a Daily Double. "What is

  • Det. Manatee and the Case of the Ungrown Toenail, Alex?" "Ooh, I'm sorry, but that's wrong," said Mr. Trebeck. "IS NOT!" he shrieked, his laser beam eyes burning holes into

  • floor at Trebeck's feet. His defense protocols having been activated by the laser attack, tiny anchoring blades shot out from Trebeck's legs fixing him to the floor as his chest op

  • ened up and a vinyl disc started playing workout 80's music. Trebeck moved with the groove and dodged the lasers stylishly. He aimed his faster-blaster at the laser guns and

  • then...in a flash...he blew a hole through American State Capitals for 2000...it was the Daily Double...and he bet everything he owned...EVERYTHING...and he lost it all...



  1. SlimWhitman Nov 01 2017 @ 17:57

    LOLed at Flopp's fold. Funny story.

  2. Woab Nov 02 2017 @ 11:53

    I concur! Flopp is brill.

  3. Flopp Nov 03 2017 @ 12:30

    Just felt in an 80's sci fi mood

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