Mildred was hitching East destination New

  • Mildred was hitching East destination New England, wearing a tight little button up sweater,a racy skirt exposing some knee & penny loafers when Joe pulled up in his Buick Electra
  • . He wound his window down and asked "Where to Ma'am?". Mildred replied, "New England, please." Joe caught sight of her beauty and was barely able to
  • speak. She was just that drop dead gorgeous. Joe nodded and the woman entered the taxi. Once she was in, they set off to New England.
  • They arrived in Miskatonic that evening. The woman paid her fare and bid Joe a curt dismissal before heading on her way. "What a dame like that is doing in a town like this, I have
  • no idea. Joe picked up his duffelbag and felt lost. Mildred would know what to do, but ... Across town the strange sounds of student revelries at Miskatonic U carried on th
  • eme that everything was ok for the rest of the world. That it was really only in his and Mildred's little bubble that things were falling apart. Joe swung the bag onto his back and
  • broke out into song, "Po po po po po po po po po ker face." He sang the song all the way out to the dumpster and tossed the bag with Mildred's lover's body inside.
  • As he covered the body in the dumpster with garbage, he was singing again, "Can't read my, can't read my, no they can't read my --- " Someone tapped his shoulder.
  • "Dude, keep it down, would ya? Some of us are trying to sleep!" The mysterious man left as quickly as he came, and the murderer continued his body cover-up more quietly.
  • He found a way: paint it grey, pose it in the park. Children skipped around the new statue, lost puppies sheltered under it. The murderer got an award for service to the community.


  1. KieferSkunk Jul 17 2015 @ 20:29

    I really like the flow of this story. The first half was VERY coherent, yet just random enough to be "business as usual" around here. :)

  2. SlimWhitman Jul 17 2015 @ 21:33

    Disclosure on the semicoherent story: http://foldingstory.com/9ng6s/

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