Now when i try to remember how i thought

  • Now when i try to remember how i thought my first day in highschool would be i imagined there where things being thrown everywhere people who looked like they would be parents and

  • pregnant mothers, girls orange as a crayon, guys that think they're hard, and

  • dicks as big as Batmans

  • but smaller than supermans

  • breadbox? He answered, "Yes, now you have ten more questions left." "Is it something you would use to shave a cat?" "No... 9 questions." "A goat?" "Yes, 8 questions." "Is it a...

  • pair of Satanic ritual shears?" "Yes! Congratulations!" I was handed the shears and a heavily bearded old goat. Within a few short weeks, I had woven a very warm and evil sweater

  • It was the Bittersweet Sweater%u2122, and like the One Ring it was so appetizing to wear, but it's side effects included demonic visions, the ability to see Satan, and and urge to

  • boogie fever like it was never gonna stop. So Raul Julia tore off the Bittersweet Sweater and spoke in his lugubrious accent, "What am-a I, Bill a-fucking Cosby? Hanh!?" Raul

  • kept dancing. And boogie-ing. Until it was an inferno. Literally, fro's and fondue forks exploded into flames. But Raul Julia started doing the "hustle" and that's when

  • a dozen angry midgets burst onto the scene just a-whompin and a-whoompin every last thing within an inch of it's life. 9 died that night. 4 became pregnant. Back to you Peter.



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