If everything that is possible must in turn

  • If everything that is possible must in turn have been possible to be possible, then that which is impossible must likewise be possible to be impossible, and thus all things are pos
  • sible. Trucker Jim put down his beer and wondered "Did the shadows in Plato's cave establish the universe as empirical in nature?" He then decided on the Grand Slam Special.
  • "You know I never cared much for the Greeks," said Jim's wife, disapprovingly. She went with the Moons Over My Hammy and a tall glass of orange juice.
  • Jim's wife was such a nasty person. She would go into public restrooms, touch the toilets then shake her husband's friend's hands. Now that we were at Denny's my plan to
  • give her a taste of her own filthy medicine can fall into place. This Denny's has an especially dirty bathroom that even she wouldn't touch. Or so I
  • thought, since my omniscience was in short supply as a third-person limited narrator. She dumped her medicine down the Denny's sink, but the chemicals reacted with a clogging mass
  • to form an ever growing green mass of forming gunge. She tried to escape the oozing slime but Denny had locked her in the bathroom by accident. The blob formed a
  • dripping mass of what appeared to be flowers in one tendril & possibly a malformed jewelry box in the other. The blob attempt by repulsive throbbings to imitate falling to one knee
  • maneuver failed miserably. So much for Blob Training. Still, I morbidly admired the tendril flowers and the jewelry box stuck in the middle of the large wet hole, which appeared to
  • pulsate rhythmically to the music drifting up from the ballroom down below. Cautiously I backed up until I found the door, then left , not sure just what'd happened to the albino.


  1. PurpleProf Nov 25 2012 @ 01:01

    I think the albino escaped to My Hammy.

  2. jayursus Nov 25 2012 @ 08:14

    PurpleProf, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that Denny's food contains significant amounts of albino meat (WAY over the 4% allowed by the FDA).

  3. PurpleProf Nov 25 2012 @ 12:08

    But, isn't white meat better for you?

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