My latest project is to publish my 1000 Greatest

  • My latest project is to publish my 1000 Greatest Folds divided into categories w/ sub-categories. For example, under SAD will be the categories Aliens, Sex, Junk Food. Under HAPPY
  • is a category that is more than sad, but also just "Under Happy." In that category will be all the folds with sci-fi themes, self-reflexive folds and all spam baby sagas.
  • The β€œOr Are You Just Happy To See Me?” category of folds consists of innuendo folds and those with goofy puns. Next we have the "Wait, Whaaat?" category that contains
  • the rather predictable plot twist & its cousin, the word interrupted fold which take advantage of a dangling word fragment to generate a 'surprise', then there's the sex change fol
  • d wherein one folder switches the protagonist's sex, either by mistake or intentionally. Sometimes you get a foreign fold, daring fellow folders to translate or add blind. Another
  • challenge is figuring out how MoralEnd's unusual mind works. No one really knows, but we love him anyway. Also, try not to be bothered by grammatical errors in FoldingStory. Just
  • do your best to write a fold that continues the previous storyline, while still taking the plot to an unexpected place. Like Bang Beach, Vietnam. An added bonus is if you can fold
  • the next folder into an unexpected storyline in a previous place. Dr. Markov says it is easy to imagine a maze of proliferating and reversible passages between texts that produce
  • a Hidden Markov Model made of folds not directly visible, but which have a probability distribution over the final story. This allows a reader to recognize patterns in the original
  • Texts of the bible, which when translated properly from the original greek, make it clear that Jesus was actually an alien from the rebulon galaxy.


  1. SlimWhitman Sep 01 2014 @ 19:18

    Phew.. I was beginning to think 'this is all so logical , so well planned...' Thanks DeadCities .

  2. Gibber Sep 02 2014 @ 00:20

    And the end is in the 'SAD' category.

  3. 49erFaithful Sep 02 2014 @ 14:09

    This is great, but I just have to say for the record that sex with alien junk food has always made me pretty HAPPY.

  4. lucielucie Sep 02 2014 @ 14:54

    Yes but how does the alien junk food feel?

  5. 49erFaithful Sep 02 2014 @ 15:17

    I've never had any complaints. Come to think of it, never really gotten much feedback at all. Hmm, are you saying it's not satisfied? This is a disturbing revelation.

  6. lucielucie Sep 02 2014 @ 16:55

    'Men Are From Mars. Mr Porky Pork Scratchings Are From Venus'.

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