Foldingstory is a bit like those festive

  • Foldingstory is a bit like those festive recordings that always come out at this time of year in which a bevy of celebrities get together and sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
  • Except Bono drinks too much eggnog and tries to horde the microphone. Followed by fisty-cuffs and broken egos. So... FoldingStory is like "We are the World" but different
  • , see Mango started off by screaming "Do They Know It's Christmas time at all" and we all just stared. Um, wrong tune, man. Wrong tune? try freaking wrong band! This is what happ
  • end when you let Mango get into the 5 year old fruit cake that my dog likes to lick every morning. Dog saliva plus fruit cake apparently is a hallucinogen that makes people think
  • they're a tree. "You will now call me Mango Tree. Come swing on my branches!" Mango shouted. Mango was also feeling very stiff, which made the situation even more awkward. Then
  • Mango went. Mango go bye bye. Mango go to big city, bright lights. Mango hook up with Agent, become big star. Mango has fake friends. Mango hooked on cocaine. Mango burn every
  • bridge. Mango lie in gutter. Mango just pawn in game of life. Mango decide to change life. Mango go to Narcotics Anonymous. Mango get better. Mango go kill fake friends. Mango go
  • to go go bar. Mango go go at go go bar. Mango is not Mojo Jojo. Mango is a fruit I could do without.
  • Mango is the name of the street I live on in Chicago's northwest side. I have a room in a bungalow there, at 6200 N. Mango St.
  • There's an old lady in a corner of my room who sits motionless on a chair. Before you enter she knows you're there and she stares at the entrance, her marble eyes never blinking...


  1. lucielucie Oct 10 2016 @ 14:12

    So beautiful

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