Let's write about whatever we want. Yes,

  • Let's write about whatever we want. Yes, that's right, we shall rebel against the guidelines this website has set and shall exercise our freedom and use it to RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!

  • Was what AndrewB73 said to the FoldingStory community. Soon after the FoldingStory police arrived on the scene and charged him with blasphemy.

  • The FoldingStory police upon prompt congress charged itself with dereliction of duty.The blasphemer AndrewB73 tattooed himself with a scarlet letter(let's leave it a mystery, eh?),

  • A mystery? AndrewB73 really didn't want to tell it all, did he? From the first sentence he was committed to making it impossible for the story to be completed. And yet, here we

  • are, almost half-way through. An end in sight. AndrewB73 clutched his throat as he thought of what he was going to reveal next about his mysterious revelations. " So, it came to be

  • that dark was light, evil was good, & mint flavored hemorrhoid cream was the next Sin de Jour. Those days were a limbo of Time in Hiding lest the sons of men fall under the shadow.

  • Yea, those were dark times indeed, until the Fair Folk of Fauquier blew in like dandelion seeds and saved us with their magic brewskis, made with naturally occurring yeasts. We

  • drank the dandelion wine like it was cool refreshing lemonade, but it wasn't no such thing. No, Sir. That there brew was 90 proof, and it kicked my ass so hard that it shot up thru

  • top floor of the barn. There I was: stuck in the floor, arms at my sides. The Bum of the Hayloft minded my intrusion and had powered up his lightweight McCulloch chainsaw, eager to

  • try his magic saw-me-in-half trick he'd been practicing.But before he could reach me,I laser-beamed him with my alien eyes & he dropped the chainsaw, cutting me free & I flew home.



  1. Woab May 18 2019 @ 10:52

    Tarotguy, you've been writing some fine ending set-ups here lately!

  2. TarotGuy May 18 2019 @ 16:51

    Thanks, Woab. I may have found my niche on FoldingStory!

  3. LordVacuity May 18 2019 @ 20:39

    Niches become crevices become canyons.

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