So I alone. folding clothes. Stupid Gap store.

  • So I alone. folding clothes. Stupid Gap store. Clear the register. Then I do something that I wanted to do for a loooooong, time, I kiss the mannequin in the chinos
  • pants that stands in the back of the store. I try to pretend his lips are getting warm and alive, but in reality they stay hard and cold. I stroke his plastic hair, secretely hopin
  • g his cold, formed hand would sooth over and become an instrument of comfort and happiness. But it never does and ultimately it becomes what it really is: a cry for help in the de
  • -ntist office during an extraction of my #2 molar. Soothing thoughts crossed my mind for about a half a second. Then they turned evil as I pondered
  • my dumbass, lousy, shit-eating, rancid pot-smoking adulterous whore douchebag of a fucking retarded bong-blowing bastard of an ex. My thoughts turned gleeful over his many demises.
  • I couldn't help but smile blissfully as he soundly slept, freshly Naired and hog-tied in the bay window window-sill. Was the lipstick too much? Let's let the neighbors decide
  • . There was a rap at the door. "Hi, I'm Alan from number 42. The naked man tied up in your window, the lipstick does't suit his complexion, he needs fuchsia. I'll shoot yo
  • u if you don't do something about it immediately." I have crazy neighbors, really I do. Alan forced me to crawl out my window with my Dior "Ara Red" lipstick to the naked man. "Put
  • those things aside" Alan said calmly. "Explain to me why there is Dior 'Ara Red' lipstick on your ass cheeks." I had no idea I was showing my behind, so I quickly pulled up my
  • list of snappy answers. -Its the new style yo. -Because I just had brunch with your Mom. -Because they were all out of 'Chestnut Brown'. -Oh that's not lipstick, I just sat in gum.


  1. lucielucie Apr 22 2013 @ 13:52

    Dior's renaming it 'arsa red'

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