There are few ways to leave your mark long

  • There are few ways to leave your mark long after you are dead. You can be a conqueror, a great philosopher, or you can write something for posterity. With these few words, I leave
  • the matrix and go back into the time machine which had to be repaired. I called the technician who came in walking on his hands. He did a few somersaults and disappeared into the
  • wormhole that was forming in my garage, "Hey! come back here, my Netflix needs fixing too!" so I jumped after the acrobat/repairman, and fell for what seemed an eternity, I landed
  • in a movie theatre. "No!! Must.. watch.. Basic Instinct at my own p(l)ace.." The wormhole appeared over Sharon Stone during a memorable scene and I jumped in. "Am I in a womb now?"
  • One thing was sure: that was not a wormhole. Everything was slippery and moist. Very dark. It smelled a bit like guava, but with heavy iron overtones. Suddenly a large cylinder
  • poked out of the slippery hole. Inside the cylinder was chocolate gold coins, a set of house keys, a walkie-talkie, a torch and a packet of beef flavoured chewing gum. The smell
  • of the cylinder was not unlike the very Pringles you ate this morning. You plop the beef flavored chewing gum in your mouth and light your torch, you walk ominously into the deep
  • , dark and bloody ground. Many moons ago Native Americans referred to this land as "kaintuckee," but today it's simply known as "Thelma."
  • "Roger?" The lipid laden tour guide squinted. He saw her. "Louise?" A red head in a fanny pack went to the front of the line. Roger touched her cheek. They Embraced. The tour group
  • Gasped upon watching the unlikely reunion. "Oh my", she said. " Finally what I have been waiting for all my life. When will you ever be on time? My bunions need to be incised!


  1. PurpleProf Feb 25 2013 @ 23:59

    Gee, let's see here... we've got The Matrix, Basic Instinct, Thelma and Louise, and The Vagina monologues all rolled into one

  2. SlimWhitman Feb 26 2013 @ 08:31

    Good enough for posterity.

  3. 49erFaithful Feb 26 2013 @ 11:30

    Will the mystery that is woman ever be solved? I have so much to learn. Apparently.

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