"Private,engage the Brute.Master Chief 117,get

  • "Private,engage the Brute.Master Chief 117,get into the Banshee vehicle."radioed sergeant Johnson. "UNSC!Destroy the Master Chief at once."shouted the prophet of truth toconvenant
  • over the headset his mom got him. The Prophet of Truth thumbed through his strategy guide, belching slurs. “You’re so good at slurs,” said Private Aiden from up the street. Halo 6
  • Are you from Down Under ? asked the policeman taking a clue from his slur accent. Yes Mate was the immediate response. Alice was springily hot and
  • sproingily dusty. Alice was overheating, and that was the reason Doom Eternal was lagging. Alice was useless now, and had to be chucked in the planned obsolescence bin. Just like
  • democracy. We've just gotten too big for it to work here anymore, if it ever did.
  • You’re over the limit and set off alarms. Wait a minute, those are natural charms! You keep no brain yet boast alleged wit. The masses buy your refrain and believe your bullshit
  • So it's hey-ho, over you go, blankety-blank as you step off the plank, and it's down! Down! Soon you will drown in the cold, cold sea of obscurity. All the words you wrote will be
  • nothing they’ll quote.They’ll say u aren’t up to snuff, but listen creampuff, it’s because they are jealous so u tell those fellas
  • that your chips and salsa are true not falsa, and when you see me comin you better not think its funny because... oh, forget it. I'll never make it as a rapper. Guess it's back to
  • reality; oh, there goes gravity. Oh, there goes Manatee. He choked. He's so mad but he won't give up that easy. No, he won't have it. He's gonna fold like he was meant to be.


  1. KieferSkunk Feb 14 2023 @ 20:49

    I think Woab won the rap battle here. :)

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