James saw the village from a distance. He

  • James saw the village from a distance. He knew that there would be food there. James snuck up behind one of the huts and ran in when nobody was inside. He snagged a baguette and ra

  • tioned it into baguette crumbs so that it might last the week. Escape time now. James stuffed the crumbs in his pocket and slinked out the door only to

  • remember that he didn't forget to turn off the gas after all because they didn't have gas. His mind now at peace he resumed his slinking. Unsure of the proper duration of a slink,

  • he decided to temper it with a casual half-step or two. Soon he was slinking a waltz - slink, two three, slink, two, three - down the street. Absolutely no one paid attention.

  • But he didn't mind. If nobody cared, what was to stop him from doing a little foxtrot? His feet found the familiar patterns easily as he swayed his way down the street

  • until he made it to the bus stop. Others waiting for the bus glanced as he approached. He simply waved and joined them to wait for his ride.

  • He knew what they were thinking, but nothing could bring him down. He was finally comfortable in his own skin. He even quite liked how the bus seats stuck to his bottom.

  • The roly poly man sang as the bus rolled down Highway 61. The driver told him to be quiet because he woke up the passengers who had just gotten off work.it was midnight!

  • He stopped singing, but only for a moment. It had only been three minutes of silence when he started belting out the words to Bohemian Rhapsody, which woke up all the passengers.

  • It wasnt long though before the rest of the merry crowd joined in. In fact, they were so caught up in singing that they didn't even notice the massive whale falling towards them...



  1. Flopp Dec 11 2016 @ 15:08

    No one ever notices the falling whale. That , is another story for another day

  2. Dhanithecat Dec 11 2016 @ 18:12

    I started the tale of a whale falling on top of a CTA bus!

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