"This should sort your addiction." Said the

  • "This should sort your addiction." Said the doctor as he dangled the carrot in front of Nate's eyes. Hand-cuffing him to the chair, he said "Give it a few days and you'll be sick o

  • f carrots. By having one right before you yet unattainable should make you be able to resist them." So Nate's rehab from carrot addiction began. But it didn't take long before

  • he watched Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit and suffered a relapse so powerful that it pushed him off of carrots and right into a crippling Eukodol addiction. He needed

  • help.Hutch had taken on weight since Wallace & Gromit couldn't get out of his easy boy. He saw a late night infomercial & called Lipomatic. "Help I'm stuck in a giant rabbit body!

  • My name if now Peter." The other rabbits took me into the family, and I got used to the hole where they lived. It was like my old flat, but nicer. Peter's Mother cooked food

  • : carrots, turnips, radishes, squash. We took what we could dig up from the farmer's fields without getting caught. Peter and Mother Rabbit taught me all there was to know about

  • being a Bunny Survivorist! Then we also gained insight from the Alice in Wonderland famed White Rabbit who taught us the essence of

  • Tardiness in the fanning of one's imagination. It was a load of hraka but only the harebrained would buy it. They bought it all the way to the largest warren known to Bunnydom.

  • This was known as the Leslie Ann Warren, home of the Warren Buffet, where elderly rabbits ate for half price and bunnies under a week old ate for free. I dragged my cotton tail to

  • the side of the sushi conveyor, but had to move closer to the start to get first dibs on the sushi. I felt glad to sit and forget the rabbit crimes I had committed today.



  1. bachtopus Oct 05 2017 @ 10:54

    glad to see lapine being spoken, futique! :o

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