I shoot alumni for sport. Any alumni as long

  • I shoot alumni for sport. Any alumni as long as there is some sign of an alum. Any sign any alum. We didn't have to wait long before we were acquainted with the facts and alternati
  • ting current in the form of jumper cables plugged into the power grid and his frank and beans. And we can tell if he wants us to stop him or not. SOP went out the window the moment
  • those tiny litlle robot-ants started to circle the chocolate stain on the floor.
  • ..... "oh no"
  • ...Oh yes. Take a good, hard look at my goulash. Breathe in its vapors. You know you want some. Look, I'm putting on a gorgeous plate just for you. Just a little bit. No? Come on!
  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST MY GOULASH! It's useless to even try. I pity you.
  • Gyorgy tried to resist, the hairs sprouting from Martuska's wart certainly helped but the steamy paprika broth wafted up from the dank pot as she ladeled chunks of tender beef into
  • And just knew Pyotr Rog had had his final accident when she was busy sprinkling green mist over her concoction. It baked by itself at 500 degrees and walked out of the oven.
  • "Oops!" Shrieked her dumpling. "Where my man Pyotr at?!"
  • It was the wrong question to ask &the wrong time to ask, for Pyotr was right there, hiding, right behind her dumpling. He could never un-see what he just saw & collapsed in agony.


  1. PurpleProf May 12 2017 @ 23:09

    Worst story ever. So bad, it's good.

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