I launched myself into the Cosmo, a babe,

  • I launched myself into the Cosmo, a babe, a raw nerve looking to take root in some place or time. To being changed by the journey from promise to fact. I AM THAT I AM. & you unders

  • tand nothing I have been saying?" Bruno the Corgi looked forlornly at the entity made of pure energy. If it wasn't going to feed him, what did he care about cosmic consciousness?

  • Food was pretty much all that Bruno the Corgi had going on in his life. Forget cosmic consciousness, he was all about meaty concussions. Because brains are tasty. Right?

  • Bruno wagged his corgi tail at the thought of brains. He bit into his first brain and instead of a satisfying munch he had a gelatinous slurp. It was good but the man seemed to be

  • thrashing around an awful lot, making it hard for Bruno the Zombie Corgi to keep a good hold of his cranium. But after a while the man stopped moving and Bruno gave him a big kiss

  • with some slobbering tongue.The man sobbed.He'd never been the subject of unabashed doggylove or any other love for the matter.He hugged the mangy zombie corgi whose tag read Bruno

  • and felt such overwhelming joy that he sobbed even louder. He looked the zombie corgi over, making a repair plan, a little tape, some thread and Bruno would be good as...well...

  • As new, ready for work the next morning. Bruno could lift 5000.pounds easily, unlike humans. He was advised to let Bruno do the heavy lifting while he did the office work.

  • He observed carefully as he settled down at his desk, analyzing the various mechanisms that allowed Bruno to heft office supplies, and once a mysterious flat package labeled "

  • Doomsday device". Before he could open it, the world was surrounded by darkness. But who had sent the package?



  1. pinky Sep 30 2017 @ 17:59

    This one immediately went on to my top ten list (maybe even top 5). A legend is born! Bruno - The Zombie Corgi. Another collaborative success to list on my resume - great work everyone. P.S. I am so enamored with Bruno that upon completion of this comment I am going directly to CREATE to start another Bruno story, hope to see you there!

  2. LordVacuity Sep 30 2017 @ 18:18

    That'll do.

  3. Woab Oct 02 2017 @ 16:29

    Hey Pinky! Would you give us a link here to the new fold about Bruno the Zombie Collie?

  4. pinky Oct 02 2017 @ 23:59

    http://foldingstory.com/mp9rp/ Der! Sorry! Knarf!

  5. Woab Oct 03 2017 @ 11:34

    I'm on it!

  6. pinky Oct 03 2017 @ 14:19

    ! All brains dog chow! My dog could really use some of that!...me too actually.

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