The clergyman reluctantly agreed and followed

  • The clergyman reluctantly agreed and followed Tim to the top of the tower. Black birds and shrill wind surrounded them. "Well, what in the hell
  • is this crap?" Tim & the clergymen stashed a TV in the tower, but waiting for Supernatural's exorcism tips was an awful rhythm-lacking performance on "Oh Sit", a rip-off of Wipeout
  • 64! I loved that game, and it was so awesome. I'd play for hours in front of my TV racing only 2 inches away from the screen.
  • But be warned.. you know that saying "don't sit too close, or you go blind,"? It's not just a saying. That's how I got these laser beam eyes. I'm thinking of getting metal legs.
  • "I'm also thinking about stabbing you in the nutsack, dragging the knife back to your asshole, and using your ballsack-blood in a Chinese virility elixir."
  • "Now, now," his grandmother admonished. "You must refrain from such talk." Nana took the knife from his hand and replaced it with a ladle, leading him from his dark closet into t
  • he barn. Bessie may have 5 teets & blue milk but she's all we got. Be a good boy & milk her. Then we'll make blue cheese & bring it to the market. Mungo scowled but is Nana insiste
  • d he finish his chores. So Mungo brought the tin milking pail and proceeded to squeeze the blue milk from Bessie's tender udders. She was sore from his two-day procrastination and
  • kicked Mungo in the face. Bessie was sensitive and knew she was prized for her blue milk. Bessie did not expect what happened next as Mungo proceeded to
  • drink the milk, suddenly Mungo grew an enormous afro with matching giant sideburns. And since it was a really hot day he went out to see what he could find. The End.


  1. Zetawilk Dec 10 2012 @ 14:24

    "Alas, Poor Mungo!" By Benjamin Franklin.

  2. PurpleProf Dec 10 2012 @ 14:35

    I'm thinking that Bessie must have been injected with growth hormones.

  3. Zetawilk Dec 10 2012 @ 14:54

    The Loch Bess Cow.

  4. SlimWhitman Dec 10 2012 @ 15:18

    She breathes udder water using her fifth teet like a reverse snorkel.

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