Soon sinkholes began appearing all over Florida,

  • Soon sinkholes began appearing all over Florida, and within a week, a quarter of state had disappeared to God-knows-where. It was then that scientists made the shocking discovery

  • that Ponce DeLeon was still alive and living in a subterranean Winnebago. The disappearance of Florida was the result of Ponce's

  • crippling addiction, but the DI had no patience for that sob story. He'd been on the receiving end too many times before. No, Ponce DeLeon would face justice for his crimes against

  • longevity. Ponce De Leon tried again, for the umpteenth time, to explain to the DI that he had served with harder men at Carcosonne & that his water didn't travel well, or at all.

  • Nevertheless, Ponce soon found himself passing water with burly gorilla-men named Cookie and Doug the Thug, all while trying not to tell them his own name. How embarrassing!

  • Ponce hoped that Cookie and Doug the Thug would accept a nickname for him, instead of admitting to such a name as "Ponce". He told them that he was called "Butch", but they did not

  • really mean it. I would prefer to be called "Butch," rather than than the humiliating name the gang gave to him.

  • I mean, Butch is a bit dehumanizing, but it was nothing to Ricky's Nickname; Princess Sparkle Rainbow. With a name like Butch, people back off, but poor Princess had people coming

  • from miles around to mock him, nearly to the point of suicide. "I Will Survive" meant nothing to Ricky. The Rainbow Heathen Circle didn't help with their othering and controlling t

  • able fixings, and holiday bake sales. Just once, Ricky wanted to win the “I Will Survive” bowling tournament at the RHC without anybody’s help. He didn’t win, but he died trying.



  1. SlimWhitman Nov 24 2019 @ 08:47

    and that counts for something...

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