It takes a great deal of endurance to be

  • It takes a great deal of endurance to be employed by a Boss Monster. To be a receptionist taking calls and arranging appointments for heroes to take a crack at him.
  • The temp agency hadn't quite prepared her to deal with Boss Monster's demands. Even Wonderwoman had called and left a message, requesting a fight with BM tomorrow afternoon, but
  • big, spectacular superhero fights had to be scheduled months in advance, to give City Hall time to prepare and take the necessary precautions. Being major of Metropolis meant
  • lots of marching and twirling a baton. The Drum Major of Metropolis really hated Superman. I mean, the Drum Major had to acquire his skill, he wasn't born with it like Superdope.
  • All the girls just "loved" Superman, while HE could barely get a date. He thought the ladies would fall all over him in his Drum Major uniform but they mostly just pointed at hi
  • fidelity stereo systems and made cooing noises. "Maybe they will love me in a Hi Fidelity Stereo System uniform," he hypothesized. "But how can I be certain without actually
  • owning one." He sadly laid out the materials for a Hi Fidelity Stereo System uniform & went to bed. In the night tiny elves cut & sewed & made the uniform for him! Trembling, he
  • pulled the subwoofer bra over his man tities and shimied into the tweeter lined bikini briefs. He slipped a tape with Good Vibrations into the player strapped to his
  • butt. He firmly attached the trumpet to his left arm, the tambourine to his left leg, a vuvuzela to the right arm, and a djembe to the right leg. He was ready for Monday.
  • I found him propped up against a brick wall with his musical instruments still strapped on, frozen to death. A terrible ending to this story, but ya know...life ain't always fair.


  1. SlimWhitman Oct 31 2014 @ 20:34

    Thanks to ludielucie for fold and passing a wonderful twist on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.

  2. lucielucie Nov 01 2014 @ 05:11

    Thanks, SW. It's a pity they only made him a bikini & he froze to death. But life isn't always a fairytale.

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