Tonight we're rockin the house with a battle

  • Tonight we're rockin the house with a battle for the ages. NINJA POPE. NINJA TURTLE. its gonna be HUGE!

  • Well, that's what the TV advert said at least. I wasn't convinced it would be quite so huge a fight, but there was no doubt in my mind that Ninja Pope would tear shit up...

  • You see, the Ninja Pope was raised in the bloodiest of seminaries. He'd tatooed his whole body with the entire old testament. He'd been dragged by chains over the most

  • high places of honor. The Ninja Pope. His name would go down in history for reciting Psalms while single handedly fighting off Samuri Monks, leaping over raging rivers of blood,,

  • & challenging Beelzebub at the gates of the Underworld. Before the demon could unfurl his great batwings. Ninja Pope snared them in his iron rosary & impaled him with his crosier

  • . Beelzebub sneered as if to say, 'that all you got, you wussy ninja pope?' The ninja pope's eyes widened in terror; he'd used his last trump card, and was now left vulnerable to

  • harsh language. Beelzebub began to dance around Ninja Pope, taunting him with crude epithets. Ninja Pope cowered, crouching and sniffling, believing his end was near. But suddenly

  • and I do mean suddenly--suddenly is so overused, but keep in mind that this case calls for the word--suddenly Ninja Pope exploded into a fury of flying fists pummeling Beelzebub

  • into the literal oblivion. The Ninja Pope cackled and, with a final push, threw Beelzebub into the volcano. The Ninja Pope laughed, certain his enemy was done for, but little did h

  • e know that the volcano was Beelzebub's hot tub. "Come on in!" He screamed. "You'll lava it!" The earth shook & Ninja Pope tumbled in. AAAAAAHHHHHH! Plop.



  1. SlimWhitman Aug 23 2014 @ 19:50

    Ninja Pope, a Foldingstory original meme - created by jaw2ek (http://foldingstory.com/u/jaw2ek/) NP origins http://foldingstory.com/60kju/ NPs arch foes showdown http://foldingstory.com/aa16o/ NPs cat-o-nine-tails coat http://foldingstory.com/ionee/ NP and Cardinal Fang http://foldingstory.com/mtoju/ NP's chief weapons... http://foldingstory.com/sscjd/ NP's epic battle in the underworld .. https://foldingstory.com/izbwu/ R. I.P.

  2. PurpleProf Aug 23 2014 @ 20:53

    No, no...it's not over yet for Ninja Pope! http://foldingstory.com/4wwum/

  3. Sophia Aug 24 2014 @ 04:12

    NP has a whole backstory? Whoa.

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