Sitting here eating a bowl of brown rice

  • Sitting here eating a bowl of brown rice with no chicken I spot a fly.
  • it looks like the fly came out of this tiny hole in the floorboard. After straining and peeking into the hole, I was floored! It was an entrance into a magical fly-world! It was
  • gone as soon as my brother punched my in the balls. WTF dude, what was that for? That is for stealing my stash and talking about crazy fly world. Brothers are worst sometimes
  • except when you need someone to give you tips on how to best smuggle monkeys from exotic regions of the world. For some reasons, brothers always know how to smuggle things in
  • their pants. I recall once Alfonso, Rickie, & Chavy bet who could smuggle the biggest stinky cactus through airport security, & Chavy tried to pass off a Stapelia gigantea as
  • Chevy pulled up with his annoying rolling luggage. Alfonso, Rickie & Chavy hitched up their pants, painfully as Chevy Chase slipped on a donut wrapper right in front of security
  • , who snickered as his leg twisted into a pretzel shaped contortion. A motley crew they were, no doubt, as Chevy & his baggy-pantsed friends boarded the last flight to Alaska. Once
  • they landed, there would be nobody to stop them from inflicting bell bottoms on the rest of the world. Somebody had to stop Chevy and his gang and save Alaska. Just not me.
  • I suffer from chilblains. Also, bell bottoms could be quite warming in Alaska in the right material, like corduroy. Should Chevy & his gang be stopped? I'd say probably not, on bal
  • ancing whether I should run away right now or not. "Watch out!" Jenna exclaimed, looking absolutely horrified. Chevy had mutated into a gigantic zombie whale and was bleeding oil.


  1. PurpleProf Jun 09 2014 @ 13:31

    Hahaa! Coincidentially, MisterPants finished this story! Welcome to FS, MisterPants!

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