Spam Baby wanted a Creamsicle, but nobody

  • Spam Baby wanted a Creamsicle, but nobody in this dimension had ever heard of one.

  • After some linguistic contortions they misunderstood "corpsicle" & Spam Baby was sent back to the 20th Century Earth thawing on stage during a performance of the Hormel girls band

  • and nobody noticed until after the encore, when the crowd had left and Spam Baby could be heard cooing playfully behind the curtain. One of the Hornel girls discovered it chewing

  • on her Steven Tyler microphone scarf. Spam Baby had no teeth, so he'd managed to swallow the scarf whole while it was still attached to the mic stand. The stand fell and the reverb

  • brought MCA back from the nether realm. MCA's soul took over Spam baby and

  • began his testimony on what really happened that night."The truth is Spam baby shot and killed me!" MCA spoke from within Spam baby's body. The crowd gasped. What was this sorcery?

  • Of course, the superstitious townspeople were never going to buy into this and MCA, Spam Baby and everyone else involved were all put on trial for witchcraft. Although in the end

  • they all floated, were found guilty and sentenced to be burned at the stake, the story has a happy ending. This is because in the nick of time Spam Baby

  • conjured up the storm of the century. Hail the size of watermelons bombed their accusers' heads and then the town was swallowed up by the rocky earth.They lived happily ever after.

  • And merrily sang an epic poem in iambic pentameter about their gallant revenge. Meanwhile, far deep below, a hand grasps the putrid earth, crawling for revenge! The End?



  1. Chaz Jun 17 2015 @ 19:13

    Revenge, and I repeat REVENGE!

  2. SlimWhitman Jun 25 2015 @ 04:00

    Spam Baby^s a meme who shows up time and again here at foldingstory. I've got two stories on my page^s collection, but there are many more. Search "spambaby" or "spam baby" baby! Actually you don't find stories with search do you? You find folds. It would be nice if one could search for stories containing a particular phrase too.

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