Adrian could see that what he proposed was

  • Adrian could see that what he proposed was unpopular, but he persisted regardless. "What do you MEAN, my plan to secure world peace by destroying a major city is implausible?"

  • "Well, my city would be the one destroyed, Adrian," said the proxy for Anchorage. "I'm honored that you consider us major, but we just repaved the roads." World peace was shelved

  • but Sarah revived it - her first real foray into international politics. "It wasn't a bridge to nowhere, it was to connect Alaska to the World. The 'Around-the-World' Iditarod

  • lego building tour was underway. Sarah Palin made an appearance there to cash in on the vestiges of her fame. She lost all her kids at the lego event.

  • They became lego sculptures and went on display at Legoland. Thus they became property of the Lego corporation. She made millions of dollops from selling her kids.

  • The kids were displayed in front of millions, adored by all. They were not content, though. They resented their mother for what she had done. They were bent on escape, and revenge.

  • One night when they were scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show, the kids snuck out the side door and disappeared into the naked city and away from their stage mother forever.

  • The stage mother, having sussed it out, claimed that they had been eaten by Ringo impersonators. She strongly suggested the police look into Rich Little's sordid life. She claimed

  • he had devoured Ringo's vocal chords in order to produce such a perfect impersonation. The police listened to her nonsensical ramblings, and politely scribbled in their notepads.

  • They drew big breasted women, phallic imagery and scratched made up metal band names in the margins. "Ma'am, we'll put our best team on it," they told her, holding back chuckles.



  1. Touch Aug 16 2017 @ 14:23

    Buddy, that was a good fold dude.

  2. Woab Aug 16 2017 @ 18:50

    Yours wasn't too shabby either, Touch! I haven't seen Budyboy in a while, Hope he's okay.

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